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What Patients Are Saying About Reveal Clear Aligners

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“They’re very comfortable in the mouth and haven’t given my cheeks or gums any irritation. They are also very discreet; often times, people directly in front of me don’t know they are in.” – Chris L.

“The aligners are incredibly comfortable and the tight fit gives me confidence that they are working. The results have been fantastic and my doctor is always in sync with my progress through teledentistry tools.” – Nahir P.

“I wanted a totally aesthetic aligner and Reveal Clear Aligners have also been comfortable and convenient.” – Adrian H.

“I chose Reveal Aligners because I want comfort, aesthetics, and mostly did not want attachments.” – Emma K.

Reveal Smiles are for Everyone!

Carnie Wilson, member of pop music group Wilson Philips, has begun aligner therapy with Reveal Clear Aligners. Watch her explain why she decided to go with Reveal.

Cole Christiansen, Linebacker for the LA Chargers and former Captain of the ARMY Black Knights shares why he chose Reveal Clear Aligners to improve his smile!

Actress Kelly Thiebaud is thrilled to begin her journey to a better smile with our Reveal Aligners.

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